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Godaddy SSL Coupon

Godaddy SSL Coupon Codes- 85% OFF {February 2019}

Are you looking Godaddy Promo Codes for SSL certificates or Godaddy SSL Coupon Code to make secure your website? If the answer is yes then this is all about. We have listed some exclusive Godaddy Offers on SSL certificates and get it $5.99/year.

As we know, Latest Google algorithms updates and clearly mentioned that adding HTTPS on websites are considered as a ranking signal. If you want to boost ranking in SERP then you must have encrypted with SSL on your site or blog.

Godaddy is offering a huge discount on SSL certification which you can purchase at just 5.99$/year. For CouponVo readers, we have exclusive Godaddy SSL Coupon Codes.

Godaddy is leading domain registrars and they also provide other services such as web hosting, SSL, website builder at a very nominal price. Even you can get a domain name from Godaddy at just 0.99$. SSL protects your website from hackers as well and increases SERP ranking. At this price, no other big registrars provide SSL and you can get it from Godaddy at just 5.99$. Godaddy SSL which is SH-2 and 2048 Bit encryption which is very strongest SSL certificates available in the market. Don’t miss, Grab it now!

Godaddy SSL Coupon & Promo Codes:


Flat 40% OFF! Godaddy SSL Certificates at just $5.99$

Save 40% on SSL certificates. Use this exclusive Promo code to get SSL at just 5.99$/year. Godaddy SSL is SHA2 and 2048 bit encryption. You can secure your website from Hacks and increasing ranking in SERP with SSL.
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Save 30% OFF on All New Purchase Including SSL

You can use this Godaddy Promo Code for all new purchases including SSL. To get an extra discount on SSL purchase from Godaddy and save 30% OFF. This Coupon is applicable to all new purchases like hosting, domain, and SSL.
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What is SSL Certificates?

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer” which means it works as assl certificate firewall. It indicates that your website is secured over networks between your computers. It protects your site from a man in the middle attacks means your information is secured. After installing SSL the chances of getting hacked is very less if such things happened then the company will even pay you. Godaddy provides SSL for (DV and OV) with strong SHA-2 and 2048 bit encryption which is very high-security level SSL Certificates.

Benefits of using SSL certificates:

SSL establishes a secure connection between the client and the server through the secure protocol which called HTTPS. This is issued by a certificate authority for a specific domain or server. How does it work? see the image below:

SSL Mechanism

5 Major Benefits of Installing SSL:

1. Protect from hackers attack:

It helps to protect sensitive information such as login, password, Credit/Debit card details. Without having an SSL it becomes easier for hackers because your data is in the unencrypted form which is easy to read or recognizable. After installing SSL it becomes encrypted. Encryption prevents tampering or eavesdropping information from hackers.

2. Increase Brand value and SERP ranking:

On 6 August 2014, Google announced that websites having HTTPS will consider as a ranking signal. Having SSL on your website users trust more and it helps to increase branding as well as SERP ranking factors. It’s very important so, make sure you have it.

3. Secure for online payment:

Users will never do any online transaction or use to send credit card information if your website has not HTTPS enabled. It is mandatory by PCI security standard to have HTTPS set forth by payment card industries. Without having SSL you can’t even dream about online shopping and users feel scared to send sensitive information.

4. Build trust and authentication:

Having SSL on website customer feel secured and more authentic when they transfer sensitive information. The websites send an SSL certificate to your browser for verification whether the user is real or not. It helps in authentication and trust.

5. Strongest encryption:

All information is encrypted over SSL connection. No one can decipher your information. Most of the SSL issued by certificate authorities is like RSA, DSA, and ECC. This makes more secured with robust encryption (Example: SHA256-bit-encryption).

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How to Activate Godaddy SSL Coupon:

If you are stuck at Godaddy SSL Offer page and don’t know “How to purchase SSL certificate at a discounted price from Godaddy“. Please follow this step by step and you can use this Godaddy SSL Coupon codes to get SSL at just 5.99$/year.

Step 1: Click this link to visit Godaddy SSL offer page. This is Godaddy SSL coupon enabled link through which you will get SSL Certificate at a discounted price. Click here Visit now and you will be directed to Godaddy SSL page. It will be shown like this.

Godaddy SSL Offer

Step 2: Click on “Add to Cart” button and after adding successfully go to the “Checkout page“. Now, Enter this Godaddy SSL Coupon “CJCSSLR389” to get 92% OFF at just $5.99/year+fees. Click to proceed and make payment to register your SSL certificate.

Godaddy SSL Coupon

Step 3: Now, sign or create your account on Godaddy and to check out and make payment. Finally, you purchased SSL and you can manage it from the product page.

Final words:

As you can see, after using our exclusive Godaddy SSL coupon & promo codes you saved 92%. This is one of best SSL deals that you got from Godaddy. Now, install it on your website and make secure HTTPS by high encryption SHA256.

If any question regarding SSL you can comment, we will help you. For more such exclusive deals from Godaddy or other deals, Keep visiting Couponvo and saving.

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